Warrior Queen

July 9th, 2007

Warrior Queen

Rapnews caught up with one of the most popular vocalists in Dubstep to find out how she ended up in the UK making music, what projects she’s done so far, and what’s in store!

First up, tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Anette Hentry, AKA Warrior Queen, formerly known as Wendy Culture. I was born in the heart of the city, Kingston Jamaica, as the second of eight children. I attended a very prominent high school in Jamaica, Glenmuir High, and wanted to be a Doctor, but music got the better of me, which ain’t bad after all. I’m reaching out to fans as I would my patients, innit!

How did you first start out in music?

I left the city as a toddler and went to live in the countryside, the parish of Clarendon. There, my Uncle had a sound system and record shot, but it wasn’t until the age of 12 that I realised the talent I had, when it began to surface. There was this flood and amazingly I found myself writing a lyric of the actual happenings. All my relatives were excited and encouraged me to continue on this trend, and I certainly did!

I countined writing, chatting fluently on my Uncle’s sound system. I entered a contest of which I always emerged the winner. Travelling too and fro, an artist in the rural part of the city, Trevor Levy AKA Panbird, loved my flow and introduced me to a top producer named Phillip Fattis Burrel of the Venal Label. He was amazed by my original and unique style and so we did several recording sessions. Then, the likes of Tony and Dave Kelly at Tuff Gond Studios at the time.

How different do you find the UK music scene to that of back home?

I moved to the UK in 2001. The music climate only differs a bit. Back home it’s straight Dancehall, which I’m not missing much as some of the beats here have a similarity. The atmosphere is almost the same. It’s only that London is made up of different genres. In Jamaica now and the sounds I’ve played here, I’ve been received well. The beats are similar. Plus, Jamaica is expanding on a wide scale in music.

Who’s inspired you?

Some of my influences were and still are Bobby Culture, Brigadier Jerry, Josewales, Nicodemusi, Lone Ranger, Barry Brown, Michael Prophet. I love songs by Greggory Issacs, Marcia Griffiths, Sonia Spence… but making music has come from deep within. It’s a God gifted talent which had to be revealed.

What have you released to date?

French Cut / Penthouse
Wheeling Don / Steelie / Cleevie
Still a Rush Me / Shoking Vibes
Jamaican Girls / Roots Radics
Aktion Pak / Bug
Almighty Father / Sunship
Money Honey / Kode 9
Dem a Bomb We / Bug
More Than Money / Sarantis
Check It / Skream
Killa Queen / Bug

I don’t know which is my favourite. I love ‘em all, as they’re all meaningful in their own way, although ‘Money Honey’ is currently on the ‘Children of Men’ soundtrack.

How did you link with Skream and what do you think of Dubstep?

I’d been working with The Bug, Kevin Martin. The Bug was approached by Skream and Kode 9, of which I’m most delightful to have accepted the proposal of. Dubstep is da bomb! Trust me. It reminds me of my roots, the old skool, dubby beats as the lifes of the late King Tubby. I’m loving it!

At times your rap lyrics turn into well known snippets of songs. How did you develop the style?

Well, this melody sample! It just purks up in my head everytime I’m listening to a beat. That’s just it!

What other Dubstep vocalists do you suggest we check out?

Space Ape and Cessman.

And how about producers?

I don’t know many producers but I love whom I’ve worked with up to this time. As to collaborate with… Basement Jaxx.

What have you got in store for everyone?

There’s quite a bit. I’m due to have a release by Zinc the Drum n Bass producer, a release on a Dubstep Allstars CD, a track produced by Bug, a single on the Ninja Tune label, a collaboration with Cold World, 2Play, Miss TK and ofcourse my own 1st album and video for my single, ‘Poison Dart’, due in September!

What can we expect from the album?

My LP will be mostly Dubstep but it will have a mixture of genres and producers to the likes of Gishlain Poirer from Canada, Vex’d, Skream, Coki, Bug, Kode 9, Stereotype to name a few.

How often do you perform live and what goes on?

I must say, as often as I can and when the requests roll in. At a Warrior Queen jam there’s total madness. Insanity! Everything sell off, cash me!

How can people keep in touch with what you’re up to?

Well, I haven’t had my website made yet so my Myspace will do for now!

Want to shout out anyone?

All masses, me fans, me thugs, Rapnews, big up to and uttermost respect to you all for the real love, the straight, the gays, the good, bad and indifferent. It’s more and more Warrior Queen at your doorstep dubstepping into. You done know! Queen T-Unit!

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  1. Darth Paul Says:

    Something about her voice has perfect chemistry w/dubstep bass…genius MC.