June 17th, 2007


We chatted to Croydon’s GoldieLocks to find out what she thinks of herself and others, how she came to remix Example and what she thinks of inflatable fashion statements.

Good afternoon. Please introduce one’s self.

I’m GoldieLocks. I’ve just turned 22. I’m from Croydon and my favourite food is sweet and sour chicken.

Was you a fan of the Goldie Locks fairytale when you were a kid?

Not really. I wasn’t into all that. I didn’t have a Barbie. I had a GI Joe with a switch in the back of his head where you could make his eyes look from one side to the other.

How long have you been known as GoldieLocks and what have you released so far?

Been floating around for about a year or two now! Haven’t released anything… yet! I’ve just signed my publishing deal with Puregroove. They do Mike Skinner, Example and Plan B’s publishing. Things should start happening now. We have a single lined up and ready to go…

How would you describe the kind of music you make to someone that, I don’t know… is deaf?

Hmm, good question! It’s Electro Grime Pop. In your face. Blap! I would run around jumping up and down sticking my middle finger up and screaming. Then they might get an idea.

Run us through some of the people you most closely sound like?

People say (I don’t say..) Uffie, MIA, Lady Sovereign, Lily Allen, Gwen Stefani… any girl with an attitude really.

How do you feel about each of these comparisons? Lilly Allen, M.I.A, Princess Superstar

The Lily Allen comparison is so boring. I hear it all the time. M.I.A is cool. She makes some of her own beats and I guess we have some of the same influences. Princess Superstar? All I know of her is that bad ‘Babysitter’ song, but she’s hot so that’s cool with me!

Who produces your stuff and what equipment’s making all that racket?

I make 90% of my own tunes. Every now and then I work with different producers to get a different feel on a song. On my own I use Logic with a Mac laptop and a mic. Nothing fancy. I got a Microkorg which makes cool synth sounds and a couple of nice synthy plug ins.

How long have you had the MicroKorg and what’s your favourite trick it can do?

Had it for about a year now! I don’t know the tricks. I’m not into all that fiddly stuff, but it makes cool dirty synth sounds. Oh yeah, and if you plug the mic in you can use the Vocoder which is fun.


How did remixing Example’s ‘I Dont Want To’ come about?

We’ve met each other a few times. I’ve been down to The Beats and done various bit and bobs for them so it just kinda went from there. Now I have signed my publishing with Puregroove, we’re both in the same family and we like what each other are doing. I’ve supported him live a couple of times too. He’s super safe.

Being from Croydon, were you big on the Dubstep scene when it first got started?

No! I only just got into it. I’m so behind! Now I really like it though. Plastician has been a friend of mine for a long time and I’d always heard him talking about it. Now I see what all the fuss is about. Dubstep is something else man. It puts me in a trance.

Is there much of a live scene in your ends or is it just a birth place of a few well knowns?

Yeah, I think Croydon has something about it. We seemed to have produced some good musical talent. I think it all stems for rebelling against the normalness. Office jobs and retail. Dry!

What’s your favourite venue in LDN and what’s the best club night you attend?

Ah man, I couldn’t say. To be honest, a lot of clubs have such a hype and they’re completely wack. The only place I really enjoy myself is in the East End. Please don’t chat to me about fucking China Whites, Groucho club or some Maharaki bollox. Go find yourself a footballer. If you have to wear shoes to get in, I don’t wanna know.

Do you get out performing much or is it all about the studio and Myspace right now?

I do loads of gigs. I’m just taking a break at the moment. Since August last year I have been doing gigs like, once every week or two. Me and my ‘band’ are getting some new equipment, a DJ and some other fun stuff and will be rehearsing new songs all ready for my proper shows in August. I do studio in between gigs and Myspace every day. Busy, busy.

Are you into fashion and what sort of garms are you enjoying getting wrapped up in?

I’m into it in terms of I care what I look like, and I like to have nice things but I’m not into all that designer shit or boasting to people about what you’re wearing, or wearing a giant blow up something on the end of your chain. I just wear what feels comfortable and looks decent. I usually wear trainers with jeans or jogging bottoms, big T shirts and hoodies etc. I’m not about being all in your face. If I wear one crazy item I will make sure the rest of my outfit is toned down. No one wants to look like a clown.

Do you think the nu rave stuff in wanky shoreditch is just a bit too arsey?

Yes. But Shoreditch is fun though. Not everyone is like that. I just enjoy spending time with my friends and fam’ when I go out. I couldn’t care less if everyone around me is wearing glasses with the glass poked out. They can do what they’re doing. It won’t ruin my time.


What’s your label status? Have many people approached you and are you cool to go major?

Errrm. I have had people approach me. It’s all going well and we are in talks with labels at the moment. I don’t mind if it’s a major label but I’m very very cautious of them. One day you’re their top priority, then you get shelved. Whatever happens, I still have my production and remixing skills to fall back on (touch wood!).

Tell us about your favourite slang word and what it means.

Safe – just such a good all round word. He’s safe = he’s a good guy, reliable etc. Safe = Thankyou etc…

If you had to share the cell with Paris Hilton, what would you talk to her about?

I had a dream I was. I love Paris Hilton. I’d make her be my best friend and wear rudeboy sportswear and listen to grime.

What are your tips for the summer? Who’s releases are you wetting yourself for?

Wetting myself? That’s wildly innapropriate, as Kiera Knightley would say. I just bought Dizzee’s album. Gonna get Wiley’s when I’m not so skint. Also wanna get Rihanna’s, Frisco’s new mixtape (I have a tune I produced on there but still haven’t managed to hear the full thing), Tinchy Stryder’s debut album (got a tune on there aswell) and Kate Nash’s album should be out later this year. Me and her share the same manager.

How can people get to know your music better, and who do you want to shout out?

Go on my myspace innit. Don’t be so slow. I want to shout out the Puregroove guys, and my husband Jason. He is lovely! My bestest friend of all time. Jackson Kid and Synth girl (best live band in the world).

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  1. Cuntstubble Laggins Says:

    She would get it on a marginal scale!

    Sorry for lowering the tone slightly

  2. Jimmy B-Boy Says:

    Nice to see some female talent doing big things… wicked stuff!