MCD- After Dark

January 17th, 2005

‘After Dark’ by MCD, out on Silent Eclipse Inc, is a long seventeen track album which clocks in at an hour and ten minutes. Things start of fairly slow, with the tracks ‘Dance Wit Me’ and ‘Mary Lou’ featuring the vocals of Rosita Lynch. She delivers fairly unimaginative and cliche singing such as the lyrics ‘baby come on and dance with me, you’re so sexy’ however, things progress a little further on the quality front, with efforts sounding much better and far less cheap. ‘Follow This’ featuring Emaculate is of a nice simple beat with a slight eastern flavour whilst ‘So Fly’ featuring Nadine Charles and Pesci see’s MCD rapping impressively in a story telling manor. It’s just a shame about Richard Blackwood being present. His effort is an improvement on his ‘I’m The Man’ singles but however good he comes, the memory of that awfulness will shadow it greatly.

‘Tonight’ featuring Steelo and ‘The Penicillin’ featuring the extremely fast General Levi highlight the albums tendencies to use computerish style beats which after a few tracks, gets boring and uninspiring. Also, by the mid way point of the album, there’s not one track which hasn’t featured a guest vocalist. It’s obvious MCD has skill, so it would be nice to hear him alone a lot more, and perhaps concentrating on offering a variety of subjects which would culminate in a more appetising and appealing affair.

‘I’m In Love’ featuring Nadine Charles is as corny as you can get, with the singers vocals using lines of a romantic nature as standard as the writing in Valentines day cards. The following track ‘Reala The Most’ sounds all the more of an improvement with a nice bassline similar to Pac’s California Love but far more economic in all respects. ‘Deep Inside’ begins with a summery vibe over which ‘Nadina Charles’ redeems herself from her earlier efforts. The track makes for a chilled listen with a far less synthesized beat which makes it an album highlight.

‘Hear Me’ is an extremely nice track featuring the vocals of Rosita Lynch who delivers an atmospheric chorus, and Doc Brown who’s verse along with MCD’s, is of a deep and conscious orientation. Clapping towards the end of the track hits its positive vibe home that extra bit more. This track is likely to be most listeners only memorable aspect of a project which shows glimpses of quality, but for the most part, fairly middle of the road and very average material.