Grime Chime

March 27th, 2007

Many heads have said that 2007 is make or break for the Grime scene and I guess it is to some degree. The big boys were quiet for much of ‘06 and a lot of ‘established’ names released waste. So, three months in, is it breaking or awakening? Going on a few very tight tracks in the last couple of weeks, it’s hard not to say the energy and hype is back!

About a week ago I heard a few tracks from the forthcoming ‘Made In England’ Kano mix CD. An appetiser for his album, these were all tight, in particular ‘Is It Grimey Enough?’ and ‘Layer Cake’, available on his Myspace. Kano’s flow is incredible and at times sounds untouchable by anyone else. He’s versatile and a great performer, and it looks like studio LP number 2 will be BIG!

Moving on, today I got hold of the latest Dizzee Rascal leak, ‘Pussyhole’, courtesy of! Yeah yeah, so he isn’t rapping over some stripped down, shitty beat. Who cares? The guy’s character and flow is as strong as it has ever been and his album will be good, whether you hate on it or not. Grime heads, don’t fall into the UK Hiphop trap and hate the one or two heads actually doing healthy things for your scene. You’ll only kill it more than it’s already deaded!

A subliminal diss in Dizzee’s tune leads nicely on to 50/50, the first official single from Wiley cat’s new studio album ‘Playtime Is Over’, being put out by Big Dada. It’s soaked in synth and very promising for the LP. Sharpen your pencil and make a tally of how many CD’s Wiley has put out in the last few years. It’s sickening considering some can’t put out the one! Love him or hate him, you must indeed rate him. The guy’s looking like he can go on forever, retirement announcements or not.

Now, spare a thought for Lethal Bizzle. After being stood up somewhat on the Comic Relief special of Top Gear, ‘Jizzy Tissue’ was quick to react to today’s Dizzee leak with a Myspace track over the same beat. Have yourself a listen, or laugh, and decide for yourself who he’s taking shots at. One things for certain though. Wiley, Jammer and whoever else, have not a thing to worry about.

Finally, a salute to Dubstep and all that skank in her. Plastician has told the beautiful Dubstep Forum that his much anticipated album’s artwork is sorted and it’s just a matter of sorting out a time schedule with distributors for the long awaited release. Then there’s Skream who’s set to drop ‘Skreamizm 3’ any bass wobble minute, and Caspa who’s about set to release an EP. One lurve to and a huge middle finger in the faces of those whom brought it down.

Well, that’s it for now. I’m back to the suburbs of Barnet to play vintage Prince on my Ipod and brush my cat in front of the fire. No, I’m not joking. Geeky white kids out pon countryside can enjoy gully music too. Don’t get it twisted. Rap music prejudices in the workplace or elsewhere need to be murked! More on that next time. One!

2 Responses to “Grime Chime”

  1. Tego Says:

    You are a G T!

  2. Henry Dawson Says:

    Dizzee wasn’t made by wiley. Wiley was his step into the scene, but to be honest he has pure talent and would have made it anyway. ive been listenin to garage for a while and there’s only a handful of good mc’s like DEVLIN, fRISCO,SCORCHER,WILEY,GHETTO. Even these mcs dont come close, the way he creates images and tells storyies makes you feel as if you know him personally.i dunno about you but you dont have to live in the hood to have experinces which are worth mcin about.Ive seen him perform live now a few times and hes an exceptional perfomer, i saw SWAY and was dissapointed with the quality of spittin live compared to DIZZEE. Basically what im sayin is the kids a fu**in genious.