El-P- I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead

March 18th, 2007

This highly anticipated second solo album by Def Jux founder El-P is nothing short of the masterpiece which fans have been waiting for and expecting throughout the past few years that he’s been busy making it, alongside producing for his label’s many great artists. Picking up where’ Fantastic Damage’ left off, it’s as leftfield as you’d expect, but every aspect of the final album has improved dramatically. In terms of vocals, things are far tighter, with even more reason to hit the rewind button than there was with album number 1. On the production front, there’s all the weirdness you’d expect, with awesome uses of what sounds like the biggest, craziest studio to have ever generated an album. Forget reading an analysis of this masterpiece. You’ll be doing a lot of that yourself from the moment you press play.