Example- We Didn’t Invent The Remix

March 18th, 2007

A few years back P.Diddy, clad in shiny suit, decided to announce that he invented the remix and dropped an album of Bad Boy re-workings. Typically British, you won’t be hearing any boasts of the sought from Example, who builds anticipation for his debut LP ‘What We Made’ with his own collection of remixes on this must have mixtape.

As the next big thing to come out of Mike Skinner’s The Beats label, all the usual stereotypes are going to be thrown about but as you can hear on his debut single ‘You Can’t Rap’, he is happy to embrace rather than dispel those tags. But don’t think this is all there is to offer, as this collection of remixes are more than your standard re-working and take on their own life.

From Rolling Stones to Tracy Chapmen, Jose Gonzalez to Britney Spears (the hilarious ‘Toxic Breath’), a variety of different artists get the refix treatment for Example to go to town with.

‘Vile’, a remix of Lily Allen’s ‘Smile’ even got a mention in The Sun newspaper’s ‘Bizarre’ column last year and has Example letting off steam about a girl gone sour. Continuing with the femme fatale theme is ‘Bikini Woman’ which deals with a schoolboy crush on Claudia Schiffer, and just when you think our man is getting somewhere with the fairer sex on the Prince sampling ‘Get Off’, it ends with embarrassing consequences.

The two bonus tracks ‘The Sell-Out’ and ‘Yes Please’ both give a taster of what to expect from the Fulham fan and his DJ/Producer Rusher. The former pretty much sums up his ethos on how he is going about music and slams those who fall for the American urban music lifestyle.

With catchy sing-along hooks and plenty of narrative behind his musings on life, backed by Skinner, you can’t see Example failing, whether he is accepted by the traditional hiphop heads or not.

7 Responses to “Example- We Didn’t Invent The Remix”

  1. Sam Says:

    Is this album out yet? if it is where can ya get it from?

  2. shaun Says:

    need to fing a copy of this real bad, mate leant me one and i have lost it any ideas?

  3. Gregoy Says:

    Where can oneget this alum?

  4. Fx Says:

    when and where can i got both the mixtape (we didnt invent the remix) and thwe album (what we made)

  5. wikiwo Says:


    his mixtapes are back on sale from his myspace.

    and his album is out in the shops.

  6. Steven Says:


    Email me and i will sell them to you , signed aswell. £5

  7. Joe Says:

    Is there anywhere to download it from, legally of course, I cant find it on Itubes…