DJ IQ- Brainfood Allstars / Kaleidoscopes & Tightropes

February 11th, 2007

Out on Mancan records on the 5th of March, this is the second single to be taken from IQ’s ‘Brainfood’ album. Featuring an impressive bunch of UK hiphop favourites, ‘Brainfood Allstars’ includes verses by Yungun, Kaspa, Sir Smurf Lil’, Big Deal, Micall Parknsun, Twinky Blu Tac, Pride, Bill Zoot, Jehst, Kashmere and Asaviour. The well known names hold their own whilst the newcomers also show solid skills, over a simple but enjoyable beat which allows them all to do as they please. Asaviour gets a bit more space to flex his biro on ‘Kaleidoscopes & Tightropes’, a busier production with a more sinister vibe. Considering IQ’s relatively small CV in terms of production work, this is all really tight stuff and a great sign of things to come.