Artist Blogs To Check

February 2nd, 2007

The Internet, for all its bad points when it comes to downloading music, has allowed the relationship between artist and fan to get ever so close. Now just putting an album out and touring aren’t enough. If people can’t find you on Myspace, you’re missing out on a potential new fan base. Getting to hear an artist’s music months before it hits radio is great for the artist to receive feedback and it means many more new talents can be discovered. One of my favourite aspects though, of this closer bond between an artist and fan, is blogging. Before it was only critics who blogged, but now your favourite artist is filling you in on everything from making their album to touring and eating in restaurants to hitch hiking across America. Below are some worth your browsing time.

Akira The Don

Starting off with the most prolific of bloggers, Akira The Don. His practically daily dose of humour, tales from touring and political view points have kept us informed for the past two and a half years now. He was blogging before it even became fashionable. His prolific writing is hardly a surprise though, as those familiar with his story will know he used to work as a journalist for Play Louder amongst others.


JME - underground music entrepreneur and master of MS Paint. Those that have seen his tales of club nights and trips abroad will see that he likes his PC graffitti, tagging any picture in sight with his one liners and trademark slang. For those yearning for the summer months in this cold season, you need to check out his Ayia Napa blog for warmer times and amusing anecdotes. Without some of his blogs we would never get to see pictures of half the grime nights that do take place and are an important documentation of the scene. His notes from trips abroad with Tinchy Stryder, Skepta and co. will have you wanting to round up some mates and jump on the next Easyjet flight.

Marvin The Martian

Marvin The Martian invites viewers into his world via his video diary. Check out his travels on the road as he supports Akala around the UK. In between action of them performing live you get the hilarious banter between Marvin and his sidekick Jack as you peek into life on tour. The hunt for an egg sandwich on the motorway, which ends up at a roadside burger van, is as real as it gets. Makes a change from seeing MTV Diary and an artist with those big tour buses and five star food spreads.

The Beats artists

Whether it has been instilled in them from the top or not, Mike Skinner and his gang of henchman have been blogging hard the last few months. Whether Mike is trying to give his casino winnings away on his accompanying video blog or the Mitchell Brothers handing out sex tips, The Beats artists have it covered for the quintessential man. Both Professor Green and Example also offer some off beat topics as they work on their respective debut albums. Recently Green was advising readers to take with what’s in their weed, while Example revealed some pictures for his upcoming album.


Other blogs worth checking are the ones from Little Brother and Talib Kweli. Both blogs are full of worthy substance that don’t just stick with news on making music and touring. Check the constant divide between Little Brother fans that they have to battle against with treading the fine line between underground and being successful. Plastician combines music updates with his wotless boy antics (fancy dress to a new level) and Brit-born Yank Mark Ronson offers something a little different with his ‘today in birthdays’ feature that includes the most random of peoples born days with his own tales.