New year wishes!

January 13th, 2007

We contacted a stupid amount of UK hiphop artists and personalities to ask for one sentance on what they’re looking forward to in 2007. One sentance was too much to ask from a lot of people, so here’s the pitiful outcome of our whip round. And the UK scene still ponders over why it isn’t blowing up, whilst at the same time not taking up the offer of free press…

Logan Sama;

I am most looking forward to the bandwagon coming back round to Grime in 07 when Dizzee, Kano, Wiley, Lethal, Goodz and Roll Deep all drop new albums, and the lazy media decide “Oh wait, maybe Grime ins’t dead after all”.

Doc Brown;

An even crazier ride than last year!


Sounds suspiciously like I’m making a shameless plug, but the truth is that the thing I’m most looking forward to in 2007 is finishing off my new solo album, The Middle Man.