Artcha- Therapy Sessions

January 7th, 2007

Produced by a variety of fairly unfamiliar names including Mr Soundz, The Schizofreniks and Charmer, this is the debut offering by Artcha, as we’re made aware of in the fairly dull introduction. How many more times will the rapper Vs shrink set up be played out? There’s a mixture of interesting to boring tracks here, from the Mystro soundalike of ‘The Big Itch’ to the quite electro flavoured ‘The Hype’.

The flow on ‘Don’t Watch Me’ is painful to follow but ‘Fatal Beauty’ speeds things up a little nicer until ‘Nuts’ attempts UK crunk in embarrassing yet enjoyable style. The analytics of ‘The Game Today’ is quite a stretch considering the short nature of Artcha’s CV and ‘Let’s Salsa’ needs a salsa lesson or two to capture the Latino vibes which are blatently missing in action.

The CD nears an end with ‘Getting Down’, a pointless interlude, and ‘Show Me’, a piano based jam with soulful backing vocals and some mildly head nodding reggae flavoured vibes and vocals. Produced by Caramac, the synth driven ‘Need To Know’ is easily the highlight of the whole outting but raises a very big question – Why couldn’t the rest of the raps and beats be this good?

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  2. popeye Says:

    This album does not rep the best of uk rappers, there are some good concepts on this album but more work and time needs to be spent on perfecting the art we call HIP HOP. I give this Album ‘Therapy’ 4-10.