Free Talib Kweli album download!

January 1st, 2007

What better way is there than to start the new year by getting a heavy album by a great producer and rapper duo, for free! Head over to Rapp Cats now to download ‘Liberation’, an LP produced by Madlib and rapped by Talib Kweli. Also of Rawkus relevance this month is the Pharaoahe Monch mix CD ‘The Awakening’ which Monch has dropped ahead of his first album since the legendary label clapsed. Go find it for the tunes ‘Push’ and ‘Desire’ alone. Finally, if you haven’t yet checked out Kids In Hallz, do so! We featured them a few months back and now they’re all over everyone’s websites and rags, and bringing Rawkus back in great fashion. Enjoy, and Happy New Year!