Big Narstie

December 9th, 2006

Big Narstie

Here’s a guy that’s been impressing us with his mix CD’s for quite a while now. Straight out of Brixton, Narstie’s quickly becoming the one to watch in the world of Grime. Check the interview now!

How’s it going? Introduce yourself!

Everyting’s live. I’m on fire right now! Hello, hi! Top of the morning to ya. Big Narstie, NdoubleA, Aka Life Is A Dice Game!

What’s the most narstie and nicest things you’ve done?

Once I farted in the elevator when it was full, and pretended it wasn’t me. The nicest thing I did was when I took my mum to get a manicure.

Where are you from and how long you been rapping?

Aka the city of Harlem, The Brix. Brixton for those that don’t know. I’ve been spitting for 4 years.

Who were some of your early influences?


How’d you describe the sound of your music?

It’s different. Mr.Kiplin. Excedingly good. I see my competion as Blur, Oasis etc… Artists/groups that make paper.

What releases have you got out so far and how have they been received?

So far I’ve just been releasing mixtapes. ‘I’m Betta Than You’ Vol.1 and ‘What’s The Story Brixton Glory’. Straight love. All beating off the roadside.

Big Narstie

What projects have you got going on?

Look out for my debut single ‘Brushman’, a download only available at,,, and I’m also featuring in Dub Plate Drama 2. I’m not saying who, but I heard one of the main characters has got crabs… Only joking!

Your Myspace mentions a new mix CD every two months. Do you ever sleep?

Yeah, but only in the daytime. I’m a vampire.

What producers do you work with and what do you look for in a beat?

Ripper, Pjam, Stevo, Junior motzart, and Montana… The beat has to be musical. I decend from Grime, but it has to have feeling. I’m a fruity guy.

Tell us about Dice Recordings. How did you link up?

Big up the team. Ultra, Culprit, and Legend, the 3 wise men, making it happen. We linked up 2 years ago. I featured on a track called ‘Compass’. They felt the kid. The rest was history.

How did your crew N Double A come together?

We used to be N.A.P crew, but we upgraded to N.A.A, recruited a few new soldiers, and bobs your uncle. We got an album coming out next year called ‘What The Blood Clart’. Look out for L Man’s mix CD ‘Facts Of Life’ and Solo’s mix CD ‘The Flip Side Of Tings’.

What’s your biggest ambitions as a solo artist?

That I’ve changed the game, making the music intelligent and cool. Check out ‘Spun A Web’. Big!

What artists and releases are you feeling right now?

I’m not feeling nothing. I haven’t heard anything of recent that’s impressed me.

Do you consider grime a whole culture and genre or a branch off from hiphop?

Grime is a culture of it’s own. It was created on the backroads, not Oxford Street.

Big Narstie

Do you listen to much standard UK hiphop and what artists are you feeling?

I think Skinnyman’s big. We done a collab’ for the ‘London State Of Mind’ soundtrack.

Have you ever been down with cultural elements like beatboxing, breaking, graffing?

Not really, but big up Faith Sfx. Make sure you check out ‘Oh My Gosh’ featuring Big Narstie. The kid can beatbox heavy!

You’ve been putting in press and podcast work. Is the internet now as important as magazines?

Rah, my management, Dice recordings, handle that side of tings for me. I just spit and eat chicken.

What websites should people be checking?

How often are you performing live?

I get shows at least once a week. Expect ‘nuff energy, and a guarantee that people will be laughing. And I give at least one gual a slow wine.

Have you got any plugs of shout out’s you wanna round this up with?

Yeah you done know. Big up Jimmy Jones (my big bro), and Life Is A Dice Game. Man dem beat your chest. Gual dem squeeze your titties!

4 Responses to “Big Narstie”

  1. Tego Says:

    Bark Bark CRAZY!

  2. Short Stuff Says:

    Hahahahhaahah! Narstie should be a comedian!
    “We got an album coming out next year called ‘What The Blood Clart’”

    What artists and releases are you feeling right now?

    I’m not feeling nothing. I haven’t heard anything of recent that’s impressed me.


  3. aster Says:

    lol mans a joker got sum skill thou see that big narstie graph lol hes a sik mc but a brass cat grapher any ways hold it down boss .

  4. Carmela Says:

    yeeee big up narsite.. no fakeness in that interview at all.. ive had narstie on my shows and also jammed with him in studio etc and i can truely say hes VERY hardworking.. and a great person to be around.. Dice recordings are MOVINGGGG!