Supar Novar- From The Beginning

November 19th, 2006

In light of this year seeing albums released by heavyweights such as Kyza, Braintax and Foreign Beggars, it’ll be hard for Supar Novar to get a mention at the end of December as people reflect on the great material of the past year, although that’s not to say this isn’t a very solid album with great production and strong vocal performances. Beats are provided by an impressive cast including Joe Buhda, C.Swing, DJ Noise and DJ Flip, whilst Novar drops a variety of flows to put forth various topics.

Some tracks feel a little too tame and don’t do anything exciting on the structural side of things, with Novar going through the motions and not developing the track beyond a predictable routine of verse, chorus, verse, however there are highlights in the powerful ‘All The Way’ which is produced wonderfully by DJ Noize. Novar is talking with a humble and intimate tone which suits the sound perfectly.

‘What Do You Wanna Hear’ is a little faster in tempo so sounds a lot fresher than other tracks and Joe Buhdah’s ‘Explosive’ thumps professionalism through the speakers. The guitar loop of the DJ Snips created ‘Right Now’ offers a moody and enjoyable atmosphere whilst ‘Trippin’ Out’ uses a well known sample, but to great effect. ‘I’ll Survive’ is a beautiful feel good tune which ‘Never Give In’ follows on from and concludes with a strong positive narrative.

Overall, this is an admiral debut album which shows great signs of an artist taking serious care in the material he puts out. Supar Novar clearly has a diverse range of impressive vocal deliveries and an almost faultless ear for choosing beats which aren’t simply of a high quality, but suitable and sensible to be layered with his verses. Out on Kemet Records who have already put out three singles leading up to this album, this would be a nice purchase for the serious UK hiphop fan.