Excalibah’s UK Hiphop Chart

July 19th, 2006

1. Plan B – Who Needs Actions When You Got Words (679)

2. Skibadee – Tika Tika Toc (Dh.One)

3. Kyza – Fight Club / Bitter Sweet Love (Pepa)

4. D Molish, Farma G, Chester P & Ramson Badbones – It Girlz (Antidote)

5. Jammer – Ghost Town / Represent (Jah Mek The World)

6. DJ MK ft Fallacy – My Show (Antidote)

7. Jehst – Underworld Epics (Lowife)

8. Spider Lee – Verbal Assassin (Rubicon Records)

9. Yungun & Mr Thing – Forget Me Not (Silent Soundz)

10. Supar Nova – All The Way (Kemet)

One Response to “Excalibah’s UK Hiphop Chart”

  1. FrontDJ Says:

    Come on Excalibah it’s Suparnovar not Supar Nova, get it right mate! Bless for ratin my boy tho, u know he’s fire right!?