Aasim- The Money Pit

June 6th, 2005

'The Money Pit' is a collection of 15 self produced tracks, ahead of a debut album which is currently in the works and will feature production by Nottz (Busta Rhymes, Dr. Dre), Grind Music (Fat Joe, Big Pun), Buckwild (B.I.G) and Hit Men (P Diddy). Aasim was signed to Loud Records alongside Dead Prez and Fat Joe although didn't release anthing in time before the label closed. These tracks, out on All City Music, demonstrate his appreciation and intention to incorporate jazz, funk and soul into his underground New York rap. There's a variety of lyrical directions on the CD, from rapping about having to work nine to fives, to owning guns. There's also a diverse range of flows which he sounds comfortable executing each time. Guest vocalists include Fat Joe, Black Rob, Kardinal Offishall and Wize G. '5 Step Process' is an enjoyable break down of five steps the artist feels are required for someone to be a rapper. 'Truth' is of a synthesized but touching atmosphere which talks about being broke, trying to blow up, the industry and fronting. 'Truth is when you look at the game and you see how bad things done changed'. A Fat Joe verse is included, which is always a treat. 'Last Chapter' ends things with a reflective and conclusive mood in which Aasim drops solid and easily listenable verses over a summery and uplifting beat. It'd be wise to keep an ear out for this young man.

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