The Last Skeptik’s Top Ten

May 14th, 2005

01. Common – Go (Good Music)

02. A Trak feat. Dipset – Don't Fool With The Dips (white)

03. Kanye West – Diamonds Are Forever (Rocafella)

04. Q Tip – Fever (white)

05. Conflix and The Last Skeptik – Think Twice (Filthy Habits)

06. Iguana Man – Shaolin Iron Claw (Suspect Packages)

07. Diversion Tactics feat. Percee P – Perceekution (Boot)

08. Conflix and The Last Skeptik feat. Verb T, Syanyde, Baron Samedi, Grimlok and Jazz T – Vision (Filthy Habits)

09. Reveal feat. Kyza and Malik – What Estate You From Remix (Sorecs)

10. Immortal Technique feat. KRS One and Chuck D – Bin Laden Remix (white)

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